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  • June 21, 2022

SPIDER Slope Mowers vs. Other Mowers

There are several types of lawn mowers on the market, the three most common being ride-on mowers, electric and gas push mowers, and remote-controlled mowers.

Because each of these lawn mowers are designed for different landscaping needs, if you deal with steep slopes it’s important to know which types can handle the angles and which are better suited for smoother terrain.

Let’s explore each of them:

  • Ride-on Mowers: While ride-on mowers are great for taking on expansive areas with a lot of ground to cover, you’ll want to consider the type of terrain you’re dealing with and whether or not you’ll be faced with uneven ground, steep slopes and/or hard-to-reach areas.If you’re looking for a mower that provides you with the ability to easily get around various obstacles, you may want to consider a mower with a tight turning radius. When operating a mower with a tighter turning radius, you’ll be able to make tighter turns and control the mower through the use of the wheel, similar to your vehicle.On the other hand, if you’re faced with landscapes that feature a lot of flower beds and/or other shrubberies, you’ll want to consider a zero-turn mower that allows you to take turns more quickly, so you can achieve a clean and edged-up cut, even when weaving around obstacles.

    However, if you’re looking for a mower to take on hills and steeper slopes, a ride-on mower could pose some serious safety threats. An important thing to note is that most ride-on mowers aren’t meant to take on any slope that surpasses 15 degrees, so you must take this into careful consideration when choosing the right mower for your terrain type.

  • Electric and Gas Push Mowers: Electric and gas push mowers each have their pros and cons, but both tend to lean more toward residential use rather than commercial use. Because these mowers require the operator to manually push the mower, there is a much more limited amount of efficiency produced than with their alternatives. Most commercial-use mowers are built to handle more ground covered in the same amount of time, so many push mowers don’t have the same ability to provide commercial-grade output.

    While electric and gas push mowers can take on slightly steeper slopes at 20 degrees, if you’re dealing with super-steep slopes, hard-to-reach areas and heavy brush, it’ll definitely be a struggle to maintain these terrain types with a push mower.
  • Remote-Controlled Mowers: If you’re faced with tough terrain, steep slopes, and hard-to-reach areas, you may benefit from investing in a remote-controlled mower that can decrease the time spent maintaining your terrain and substantially increase your efficiency. When compared to push mowers and ride-on mowers, remote-controlled mowers also significantly decrease your risk of injury because you operate the machine from a distance without ever needing to touch the mower while it’s in action. Remote-controlled mowers are a great option for commercial use, especially when the job calls for the maintenance of 100+ acres.

Of the three mowers discussed above, remote-controlled mowers tend to be the most versatile in their capabilities and far outrank the other mowers in terms of safety. If you’re a commercial landscaping business, SPIDER might be the perfect mower for you. Learn how you can easily maneuver your mower — even in the tightest of spots, increase efficiency with just one machine, avoid mowing accidents and more.

A Remote-Controlled Mower Is Easier to Maneuver

The Best Mower for Steep Slopes | Spider Mower USA (1)

The last thing you want to deal with when you’re outside maintaining terrain is the constant repositioning of your mower. With a remote-controlled SPIDER mower, the omnidirectional feature allows you to mow in any direction, removing the frustration that typically comes from attempting to mow around obstacles and other hard-to-reach areas.

For example, the SPIDER 2SGS and 2SGS EFI were built to fit perfectly beneath solar panels, so you never have to waste time tinkering with your mower to get a high-quality cut in these less-than-ideal spots. Move in any direction at any time, all from the tips of your fingers.

A Remote-Controlled Mower Is Far More Efficient

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Mowing commercial-scale landscaping can be a daunting task for any landscaper, but with a remote-controlled SPIDER mower, you can cover more than two acres in just one hour. From sporting grounds to amusem*nt parks, resorts, waterways, ski slopes and other expansive property types, landscapers can cover more ground in less time with a SPIDER. Did you know that one SPIDER mower is equivalent to 16 workers with brush cutters? Increase your overall efficiency with less machinery and more ground covered in fewer hours.

A Remote-Controlled Mower Is the Safest Type of Mower on the Market

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When operating a remote-controlled SPIDER mower, you can stand up to 900 feet away from your machine (although we do recommend standing closer for better visibility of the mower while operating). This feature is critical for all lawn mowing operators, but even more so when steep slopes and hills are involved. With the ability to control your mower from a safe distance, you minimize one of the industry’s most common causes of severe injury and death: roll-over accidents.

Don’t forget that electric and gas push mowers can also pose serious safety threats as well if you’re attempting to maintain terrain that isn’t flat and easily manageable. With a SPIDER you’ll be able to keep a safe distance from your mower while still having full visibility of its course.

If you’re maintaining slopes that surpass angles of 20 degrees, it is never recommended to use anything other than a remote-controlled mower to tackle them. At Spider Mower USA, people come to us all the time after an injury from a ride-on or push mower that wasn’t intended to tackle such steep slopes. With SPIDER, injuries like that are a thing of the past.

Learn More About Why SPIDER Mower Is the Best Mower for Steep Slopes

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If you’re considering a mower to maintain super-steep slopes, heavy brush, standing water, tough-to-reach spots and other difficult terrain types, a remote-controlled SPIDER mower outranks ride-on and electric/gas push mowers with its superior performance and high-quality cuts every time. Learn more about why SPIDER truly is a cut above the rest by viewing the full list of benefits that accompany this remote-controlled mower.

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As an expert and enthusiast, I don't have personal experiences or opinions, but I can provide you with information on various topics. Let's discuss the concepts mentioned in the article you provided.

The article discusses different types of lawn mowers and their suitability for different terrains, particularly steep slopes. The three types of mowers mentioned are ride-on mowers, electric and gas push mowers, and remote-controlled mowers. Let's explore each type in more detail:

Ride-on Mowers:

Ride-on mowers are suitable for expansive areas with a lot of ground to cover. However, when dealing with uneven ground, steep slopes, or hard-to-reach areas, it's important to consider the limitations of ride-on mowers. Most ride-on mowers are not designed to handle slopes that surpass 15 degrees [[1]].

Electric and Gas Push Mowers:

Electric and gas push mowers are more commonly used for residential purposes rather than commercial use. These mowers require the operator to manually push them, which limits their efficiency compared to other types of mowers. While electric and gas push mowers can handle slightly steeper slopes at around 20 degrees, they may struggle with super-steep slopes, hard-to-reach areas, and heavy brush [[1]].

Remote-Controlled Mowers:

Remote-controlled mowers are a suitable option for tough terrains, steep slopes, and hard-to-reach areas. They offer increased efficiency and decreased risk of injury compared to other types of mowers. With remote-controlled mowers, you can operate the machine from a distance without needing to touch it while it's in action. These mowers are particularly beneficial for commercial use, especially when maintaining large areas of land [[1]].

In terms of versatility and safety, remote-controlled mowers tend to outperform ride-on mowers and electric/gas push mowers. They offer the ability to maneuver easily in any direction, cover more ground in less time, and minimize the risk of roll-over accidents. Remote-controlled mowers, such as the SPIDER mower mentioned in the article, are specifically designed to handle steep slopes and difficult terrain types [[1]].

To summarize, when choosing a mower for steep slopes, it's important to consider the type of terrain you'll be dealing with. Ride-on mowers may not be suitable for slopes exceeding 15 degrees, while electric and gas push mowers have limitations when it comes to super-steep slopes and hard-to-reach areas. Remote-controlled mowers, like the SPIDER mower, offer increased maneuverability, efficiency, and safety for maintaining steep slopes and challenging terrains [[1]].

I hope this information helps! Let me know if you have any further questions.

The Best Mower for Steep Slopes | Spider Mower USA (2024)


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